Peter is an avid supporter of CWO and inclusivity

Peter has been an active campaigner and organiser since I have known him as an Association Chairman. He transformed the region as South West Chairman into a campaigning team focused on elections. He is an avid supporter of CWO and inclusivity.

Transparent and Helpful

He has brought on a whole new way of engaging and cascading the most important information to the voluntary party. Using social platforms and simplifying large documents is a huge help in getting the right messaging out. Thank-you Peter and keep up the grass roots approach.

Peter is a tireless campaigner

Taking on the mantle as Chairman of the National Convention is no mean feat. It requires an individual with tenacity, drive and bucketfuls of commitments. Peter has these in spades. He is a tireless campaigner and a real believer in the importance of the grassroots party. Peter has all the attributes to fulfill the role of chairman with aplomb. He has my full support.

Perfect choice for Chairman

Peter demonstrated his considerable campaigning skills when he first got me elected as Sussex PCC back in 2012. His collegiate style of leadership, calm determination and immense likability make him perfect choice for Chairman.

Peter has galvanised the SW and made us a solid team with a sense of purpose….

….Let him do it for Team UK Conservatives by voting for him.

Peter leads from the front, travels miles to support by-elections and the regular ones.
He talks to people, he is available and understands what activists need to do perform their roles better.
He wants an inclusive party, open to and welcoming of everybody.
He understands how the different parts of the Party interweave and supports each part to help the others.
He is able to do this because he has the time it needs.

Experience, understanding and tenacity

I’ve been impressed with Peter’s campaigning and as chairman, I know that often to do a job well you need to be experienced at leading in that area. I back Peter’s desire to Keep on Winning. We need a strong leader at the top of the party, leading the board to progress further and to ignite the grassroots to support and achieve our shared goal of winning more council seats and Parliamentary seats. I think Peter is the best person to lead the Conservative Party forward and that’s why I am backing him to become Chairman of the National Convention.