National Convention Elections 2021

Peter Booth – Candidate for Chairman of the National Conservative Convention

It’s time to elect our new National Convention Officer Team.

Next week we open the nomination process which signals the start of our annual internal voluntary party election of a new national officer team.

This year is a little different as we will be to electing a new National Chairman upon the imminent departure by term limit of our Chairman Lord Andrew Sharpe.

We owe a huge debt to Andrew for his stewardship of our voluntary party, and he is respected across the country for the work he has put into helping make our party prosper.

I am putting my name forward for nomination as Chairman of the National Convention.

I did not take this step lightly and have reflected upon the commitment needed to be a successful chairman, and therefore I stand in the full knowledge of the full time availability needed to properly represent our members.

This election is about leadership and who can properly demonstrate through past actions, that they have successfully provided leadership in the roles they have fulfilled across the party.

I have always been a volunteer activist. I do not seek any other role. I can and do offer the full time commitment needed.  Having successfully run my own small businesses, I was able to finish my paid working life early, and I have the time to take on this role.

Leadership is about motivating people to do more and give more to our party, because we all want to advance our core values.

Like me, you all as our senior activists know the commitment necessary to be successful.

This year for the first time we will be holding a pre-election hustings when the candidates will have an opportunity to put themselves before their peers. I welcome this opportunity.

My offer to you is that I will work full time if you do me the honour of electing me. My guarantee is that I will always stand up for our members. My ambition is that our party keeps on winning, and my vision is that our country stays united with our party in government.

I ask for your support in this election.

Peter Booth

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Peter Booth is a strong candidate to lead the voluntary party

I believe that Peter Booth is a strong candidate to lead the voluntary party, particularly when Conservatives are the party of government. As chairman of the National Convention, I think he will do his utmost to help push through the ‘levelling up’ agenda, and coming from the North East, he knows the issues that need to be addressed.

Stanley Johnson
Former Conservative Member of European Parliament

Peter is a great team player with very sound political judgement

Working together at CPF, it is clear that Peter is someone who gets things done. Peter’s energy and determination is obvious, but he is a great team player with very sound political judgement who thinks things through.

Anna Firth
CPF Director

Peter is an avid supporter of CWO and inclusivity

Peter has been an active campaigner and organiser since I have known him as an Association Chairman. He transformed the region as South West Chairman into a campaigning team focused on elections. He is an avid supporter of CWO and inclusivity.

Alison Hernandez
PCC Devon, Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly

Peter is the person with a calm approach and tested skills, who will unite us as a team

This election is about who leads voluntary party towards the next General Election. We need a leader someone with a calm approach and tested skills, who will unite us as a team. Peter Booth is the person who will do this.

Peter Smallwood
Deputy Chairman Political, London

Transparent and Helpful

He has brought on a whole new way of engaging and cascading the most important information to the voluntary party. Using social platforms and simplifying large documents is a huge help in getting the right messaging out. Thank-you Peter and keep up the grass roots approach.

Sapna Chadha
Chair Brent Central Conservative Association

We need someone to stand up for members

I am supporting Peter as we need someone who will stand up for ordinary party members and to make sure our voices are heard within CCHQ and beyond.

Alistair Thompson

Peter is a tireless campaigner

Taking on the mantle as Chairman of the National Convention is no mean feat. It requires an individual with tenacity, drive and bucketfuls of commitments. Peter has these in spades. He is a tireless campaigner and a real believer in the importance of the grassroots party. Peter has all the attributes to fulfill the role of chairman with aplomb. He has my full support.

Neil Shastri-Hurst
Deputy Chairman Political, West Midlands

Perfect choice for Chairman

Peter demonstrated his considerable campaigning skills when he first got me elected as Sussex PCC back in 2012. His collegiate style of leadership, calm determination and immense likability make him perfect choice for Chairman.

Katy Bourne
Sussex PCC

Peter is a passionate campaigner with exceptional communication skills

I’m backing Peter Booth to be National Chairman because he is a passionate campaigner with exceptional communication skills. His national WhatsApp group is an invaluable source of information on all things Tory and is my go-to place for networking and advice.

John Watts
Chairman Newcastle Federation

Peter has galvanised the SW and made us a solid team with a sense of purpose….

….Let him do it for Team UK Conservatives by voting for him.

Peter leads from the front, travels miles to support by-elections and the regular ones.
He talks to people, he is available and understands what activists need to do perform their roles better.
He wants an inclusive party, open to and welcoming of everybody.
He understands how the different parts of the Party interweave and supports each part to help the others.
He is able to do this because he has the time it needs.

Marjorie Baylis
SW Regional DCM&F and SW Reg Chairman CWO

Experience, understanding and tenacity

I’ve been impressed with Peter’s campaigning and as chairman, I know that often to do a job well you need to be experienced at leading in that area. I back Peter’s desire to Keep on Winning. We need a strong leader at the top of the party, leading the board to progress further and to ignite the grassroots to support and achieve our shared goal of winning more council seats and Parliamentary seats. I think Peter is the best person to lead the Conservative Party forward and that’s why I am backing him to become Chairman of the National Convention.

Robert New
Chairman and City Councillor

A Full-time Chairman and Clear Leadership

Peter is a very active grass-roots campaigner who motivates volunteers and others to deliver for the party by setting an example through commitment to the party and I know he will bring strong leadership to the voluntary party.

Simon Elliott
Deputy Chair, Cornwall AME

An experienced team-builder and motivator with a strong track record of success

Peter lives and breathes the work of our voluntary party. He is a team-builder and motivator who knows the challenges that our associations and federations face inside-out, having served at all levels of the voluntary party himself. Peter would make a brilliant Chairman of the National Conservative Convention.

Cllr. Alexander Curtis
Past Chairman, Hertford and Stortford Conservative Association

Support from Dudley South

The Black Country is an area where many Red seats turned blue. In the local elections out of 24 seats we won 21. We need a Chairman who will help us to maintain that. I am sure Peter will

Martin Berrington
Chairman Dudley South

Peter has successfully represents the interests of CPF within the party

Peter ably took on the role of CPF Vice Chairman from Andrew Sharpe last year. He successfully represents the interests of CPF within the party and I have no hesitation in supporting his bid to be chairman of the National Convention.

John Penrose MP
Chairman of CPF

Demonstrated leadership at every level within the voluntary party

We need someone who has demonstrated leadership at every level within the voluntary party. Peter has these qualities necessary to be Chairman. I am supporting his bid.

Andrew Colborne-Baber
President of the National Conservative Convention

Peter is highly experienced and is a very well-respected party officer

I have known Peter for many years and have always admired his tireless work to strengthen our party, develop and motivate our volunteers and to fight and win elections.
Peter is seen in nearly every election campaign; he is full of energy and travels far and wide to campaign for the party at every level.
He is highly experienced and is a very well-respected party officer who leads by example, motivates volunteers, and inspires confidence in party values.
I know he will continue to work tirelessly to help and support everyone across the country and will make a fantastic Chairman of the National Conservative Convention.

Tim Bowles
Former Conservative Metro Mayor, West of England

Peter was a fantastic support to me

Peter was a fantastic support to me when he was chairman of South East Cornwall Association. He was my chairman at both the 2012 and 2017 elections and led from the front in coordinating activists. I’m sure his commitment helped me to increase my majority at both elections. He will make a fantastic Chairman of the National Convention and has my full support.

Sheryll Murray MP
Member of Parliament, South East Cornwall

Peter always leads from the front

Peter always leads from the front and never asks the Volunteer Party to do anything he hasn’t already done himself. He is a vigorous and innovative campaigner, and excellent on social media. He has set the standard throughout the South West and has much to offer the Party at the national level.

Chris Nelson
Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire

I’m endorsing Peter

Peter is very effective at motivating volunteers into working hard for the Party, encouraging them to step up and develop themselves, and getting people communicating and working together. He has worked well with all parts of the Party – voluntary, elected and professional – and has experience from being an activist in different parts of the country. I believe he will make an excellent Chairman of the National Convention, working tirelessly to prepare us for the next General Election.

Julian Ellacott
South West Regional Chairman

Peter has created a community

As someone from Gloucestershire where we border West Midlands, at times you felt cut off from region. Events are too far or too expensive to go to. Peter has created a community and he shows up to events and campaigns all over the region.

Zehra Zaidi
Deputy Chair, Conservatives Women Organisation, South West England

Peter is the voice of volunteers!

I am pleased to announce that I am supporting Peter Booth to be our next Chairman of the Conservatives National Convention. Peter has been instrumental across  every region in revitalising our support base and nurturing a campaign culture.

Cllr Sanjay Shambhu
Chairman Conservative BAME Forum