Why I am standing

I am asking for your support and hope that you lend me one of your (up to) 3 votes in the election for our National Convention Vice Presidents.

I have worked for our party from university onwards when I was chairman of campus Conservatives at the then very left wing Essex University. I have always worked as a volunteer, been an Association Chairman twice, and am now Regional Chairman in the South West.

Our new party leadership will give us – the volunteers- the opportunity to put ourselves at the heart of campaigning and decision making within our party. We must seize that opportunity!

I am optimistic about the future of our party and under new leadership we must all work hard to rebuild our trust with the electorate. It has never been more essential that we do!

The thought of Corbyn in No 10 motivates me daily.

I would like to offer my support, at a national level, and as part of Andrew Sharpe’s team in helping deliver for our party.

Please give me your support.